Homeless Fonts

Homelessfonts turn handwritten signs into fonts

Homelessfonts.org is a new charity project in Barcelona has taken signs made by the city’s homeless and turned their handwriting into a downloadable font.

Unique Handwriting

“Each human being’s handwriting is unique,” the video explains.” Yet the homeless write signs that no one wants to see. The same thing that helped them beg in the street could now help them to leave it behind.” So far, 10 individuals are featured on the website, and five of their fonts are for sale.

I have very nice handwriting, so if you can use it in any of your advertising I’d be very grateful, because I’m sure the money will come back to be used in Arrels – Lorraine

Arrels Foundation to benefit from Homelessfonts.org

All money raised from the project will go to the Arrels Foundation, which last year worked with more than 1,350 homeless, including 436 who regularly sleep on the street, trying to help them achieve independence by offering accommodation, food and healthcare.

Visit Homelessfonts.org to learn more about their mission.

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